LASERZURICH Welcomes you to: Air_Waste_Health_Wa­ter_Ener­gy_Soil

The words in the title- “Air_Waste_Health_Water_Energy_Soil – form the themes for our art exhibition in Art Platform Gleis70, to which we invite you to experience. Today, the state of our earth, climate, air, waste, health, water, energy and soil are major problems that need our attention. The air is becoming more and more polluted, our energy consumption is growing rapidly, our waste threatens our health, toxins are increasingly being dissolved in the water and soil, many species are dyingand life on earth is threatened by climate change.

With this exhibition, 36 artists from our Gleis 70 Artists cooperative respond to an open call to participate in this thematic exhibition with artworks, organized events and guided tours for scientists. The artists have contributed art that deals with environmental issues and has deep reflections about our natural systems and our health. The aim is to exchange new visual forms of expression and artistic perspectives on the urgent questions of our time and to make these visible to the public for reflection.

The result is an art exhibition with installations, photographs, paintings, sculptures, performances, a reading, films and conceptual ideas. on the topics of climate change, human health, recycling, biodiversity, environmental justice, biomimicry, sustainability and regeneration. Each artist has written a text to describe his or her work and its relationship to the topic. It is precisely these many, very different attitudes and artistic forms of expression that make this exhibition unique.

We believe that this exhibition utilizes poetry, humor, color, experiences and interactions to inspire visitors to rethink their own ecological actions. We hope it can contribute to a more environmentally conscious future with more sustainable actions.

This exhibition also offers events and guided tours of the exhibition with the life-scientists and the artists.


Barbara Bietenholz, Marille Hahne, Dorothea Rust, Julie Schroell and Jill Scott

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their interest and generous support

Genossenschaft Gleis 70, FTK Filmtechnikerkollektiv, Leuchtturm, Life Science Zurich, University of Zurich and Tamnan Siam Thai