List of Past LASER ZURICH Talks and Subjects 2016 – 2023

28 Scientists and 28 Artists

05. September 2023
LASER Talks on Future Plan(t)s
The Greenhouse Lab. ETH Zurich

Science Speakers: Dr. Charles Nwokoro (Cropping Systems Agronomist, SAE), Prof. Dr. Johanna Jacobi (Agroecological Transitions Research, ETHZ)
Art Speakers: Vreni Spieser (Installation about human migration and plant migration), Barbara Bietenholz (Circular economies for our plants), Dr. Sandro Steudler (An artistic / scientific journey to new ecological niches of plants)

29. August 2023 / 05. September 2023
The Greenhouse Lab. ETH Zurich

Science Speakers: Dr. Tania Galindo Castaneda (Plant and Soil Biologist, SAE ETHZ), Dr. Kevin Vega (Urban Ecologist SAE)
Art Speakers: Dorothea Rust (Research, performative relationships, the body and the soil), Monica Germann and Daniel Lorenzi (Drawings carbon cycles and carbon sequestration in the soil), Suresh Kumar (On making new soil)
Moderation: Prof. em. Dr. Jill Scott.

06. October 2022
Solotto Café.
In corporation with SWISSNEX BRAZIL

Introduction: Jill Scott and Gabriela Devaud, Curator: Margaux Schwab “Food Cultures”, Artist: Maya Minder “Green Open Evolution”, Scientist ETHZ: Joseph Dumpler “Novel Proteins”, Swissnex Director: Malin Borg “Brazil and the Future of Food”, Scientist ETHZ: Angelika Hillbeck “Ecological Systems Change”, Artist: Jill Scott “Communicating Food 4.0”

GLEIS70, Hermetschloosstrasse 70
Zürich, Altstetten

Speakers: Kenza Benabderrazik (Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETHZ), Hanneke van ‘t Veen (Earth System Science. University of Zurich), Silvie Cuperus (Head of Life Science Zurich), Krisy Diner (Professor in Environmental DNA), Plus selected Artists from the Exhibition.
AIR_WASTE_HEALTH_WATER_ENERGY_SOIL Moderation: Prof. em. Dr. Jill Scott.

09. November 2019
Evolutionary Biology, Gender and Technology

Venue: WWF Zürich
Guest Speakers: Prof. Dr. Hanna Kokko (Evolutionary Biologist, University of Zurich) and Dr. Patricia J Reis (Media Artist)
Discussion with: Dr. Jasmin Winkler (Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich)
Moderation: Prof.Dr. Jill Scott.

06. December 2018
Climate Change for the Visually Challenged

Venue: Salotto Café
ESKIN Durban Revisited with Vanessa Barrera Giraldo (Audio Engineer), Prof. Marille Hahne (Filmmaker) and Andreas Schiffler (Scientist –Programmer Microsoft)

05. September 2018
Reclaiming Urban Ecology

Venue: WWF
Film: Natura Urbana / The Brachen of Berlin by Matthew Gandy followed by Discussions by a Transdisciplinary Panel: Christoph Kueffer, Mathew Gandy, Bárbara Maçães Costa, Kevin Vega and Jill Scott
Moderation: Dr. Boris Magrini

10. July 2018
Transfer or Interpretation?

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Dr. Nigel Helyer (sound sculptor and writer), Prof. em. Dr. Andreas Fischlin (Climate Scientist Systems Ecology at ETH Zurich) and Matthias Vollmer (Architect and photographer from the Architecture Department, ETHZ)
Moderation: Prof. em. Dr. Jill Scott.

22. May 2018
Space Time Art!

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Arthur Woods (Astronautical Artist), Dr. Marco C. Bernasconi (Astronautical Engineer) and Jayanne English (Astrophysicist and Astronomy Image-maker)
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jill Scott

16. January 2018
The Power of Voice!
ICT for Agroecology: new model for knowledge generation and sharing

Venue: ETHZ Integrated Biology
Guest Speakers: Dr. Eugenio Tisselli (Mexican-Italian Media Artist) and Bernadette Oehen (Botanist, MAS ETHZ. FiBL-Department of Socio-Economic Sciences)
Moderation: Dr. Angelika Hillbeck (Agroecologist from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Department of Institute of Integrative Biology, Zurich)

10. October 2017
Extinction or Resurrection?

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Anna-Maria Bauer (Zurich Artist) and Dr. Dennis Hansen (Scientist and Project leader of the Zoological Museum).
Moderation: Prof. Marille Hahne

05. September 2017
Times of Waste: How to Deal With the Leftovers?

Venue: Salotto Café
Heinz Böni (Swiss Federal Institute for Material Science and Technology, Empa) will talk with Members of The Research Team for Times of Waste: Flavia Caviezel, Mirjam Bürgin, Dr. Yvonne Volkart, from the Academy of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland.

06. June 2018
Can Both Art and Science Explore the Limits of Out-of-Body or Nearly-Dead Experiences?

Venue: Salotto Café
Dr. Helen Pynor (Bio-Artist video, photography, sculpture, media art, wet biology and performance) and Assistant Professor Dr. Bigna Lenggenhager (Department of Psychology, University of Zurich).
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jill Scott.

23. May 2017
New Urban Technologies

Venue: Salotto Café
Felix Adamczyk (Engineer from Smart Home Technology, Zurich) and Agung Firmanto Budiharto and Agus Tri Budiarto (Media Artists from Lifepatch, Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jill Scott.

11. April 2017
Bifeedback in Virtual Space Visualization and Musica

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Isabella Pasqualini (architect and scientist, EPFL, Lausanne) and Steffen A. Schmidt (musicologist and musical performer, ZHdK, Zurich)
Moderation: Boris Magrini

06. December 2016
Science as Game – Art as Play

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Prof. Dr. Margarete Jahrmann (Experimental Game Designer / Epistemologist) and Professor Dr. Stefan Glasauer (Neuroscientist / Sensorimotor Researcher).
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jill Scott.

01.November 2016
Complexity: From Particle Physics to Musical Interfaces

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Dr. Alexander Penn (Physicist and Researcher, ETH Zurich), Martin Pohl (Experimental Physicist, University of Geneva) and David Rosenboom (Composer-Performer, California Institute of the Arts).
Moderation: Boris Magrini.
An introduction to LASER UCLA will also be presented by Victoria Vesna (Artist and Researcher, UCLA)

13. October 2016
Mental Imagery and Embodiment in the Sonic Arts

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Luca Forcucci (Sound Artist) and Oliver Kannape (Cognitive Neuroscience, EPFL)
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jill Scott.

12. July 2016
GMOs: Threats; Impacts and Sustainable Futures

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Pat Badani (Artist USA) and Angelika Hilbeck (Agroecologist ETHZ)
Moderation: Boris Magrini

07. June 2016
Biohacking or Ecohacking?

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Rüdiger Trojok (Synthetic Biologist, Berlin), Ignacio Chapela (Microbial Ecologist, University of California) and Christoph Kueffer (Zürich)
Moderation: Angelika Hilbeck

03. May 2016
The Afterlife of Minerals

Venue: Salotto Café
Guest Speakers: Alan Bogana (Artist) and Ulrike Kastrup (Geologist- FocusTerra – the Earth Science Research and Information Centre of ETH)
Moderation: Boris Magrini

05. April 2016
Artistic Inspirations: Robotics and Artificial Life

Guest Speakers: Alina Mnatsakanian (Artist), Alessandro Giusti (Artificial Intelligence – IDSIA, USI-SUPSI, Switzerland) and Daniel Bisig (Artist, Bio-chemist and AI)
Moderatin: Prof. Dr. Jill Scott