LASER Talks on Future Plan(t)s

29. AUGUST 2023 05. SEPTEMBER 2023 18:30 – 22:00 SAE Greenhouse Art Lab Häldeliweg 19 8044 Zürich Please REGISTER HERE for these Laserzurich talks Future of Soil Plant Interactions: Resilience Nutrition Food Systems: Join us for two interesting discourses in English from 6 artists and 4 scientists to talk about The Future of ... Read more

LASERZURICH Welcomes you to: Air_Waste_Health_Wa­ter_Ener­gy_Soil

The words in the title- "Air_Waste_Health_Water_Energy_Soil – form the themes for our art exhibition in Art Platform Gleis70, to which we invite you to experience. Today, the state of our earth, climate, air, waste, health, water, energy and soil are major problems that need our attention. The air is becoming more and more polluted, our ... Read more

Evolutionary Biology, Gender and Technology

Featuring Professor Dr Hanna Kokko (Evolutionary Biologist, University of Zurich) and Dr. Patricia J Reis (Media Artist) Together this scientist and artist present and create a very lively discussion  about the relational aspect of these topics Hosted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ZURICH Address Hohlstrasse 110, 8010 Zürich Phone 044 297 21 21 Afterwards ... Read more

Announcing LASERZURICH Xmas Celebration Film Premiere

LASERZURICH is a series of salon evening events and stands for “Leonardo Art, Science, Evening Rendezvous”. This is an international network of over 25 groups that feature the merging of artists and scientists together in one evening. LASERZURICH’s collaborators include Life Science (Zurich University) and The Volunteers of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). The Dinner ... Read more

Reclaiming Urban Ecology

IN THIS EVENT WE PREMIRE A NEW FILM Natura Urbana / The Brachen of Berlin BY MATTHEW GANDY AND FEATURE DISCUSSIONS BY A TRANSDISCIPLINARY PANEL: Christoph Kueffer, Mathew Gandy, Bárbara Maçães Costa, Kevin Vega and Jill Scott 14.30 Panel-Introduction with each panel member (10 minutes) 15.00 Film- 72 minutes: Natura Urbana/The Brachen of Berlin 16.30 ... Read more

Transfer or Interpretation?

This LASERZurich will feature three researchers that will cross-pollinate their research by presenting this exciting and controversial topic. Dr. Nigel Helyer, (sound sculptor and writer), Prof. em Dr Andreas Fischlin (Climate Scientist Systems Ecology at ETH Zurich) and Matthias Vollmer (Architect and photographer from the Architecture Department, ETHZ). The discussion will be moderated by Prof. ... Read more


This LASER ZURICH will feature artists and scientists who will present their thoughts on this exciting existentialist topic. Arthur Woods (Astronautical Artist), Dr. Marco C. Bernasconi (Astronautical Engineer) and Jayanne English (Astrophysicist and Astronomy Image-maker). The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Jill Scott (Media Artist and Art Science Context Provider-Zurich Abstract "Since, in ... Read more

The power of voice! ICT for Agroecology: new model for knowledge generation and sharing

This LASER ZURICH and WWF collaboration will feature an artist and a scientist who will present their thoughts on this exciting and controversial topic. Dr. Eugenio Tisselli (Mexican-Italian Media Artist) and Bernadette Oehen (Botanist, MAS ETHZ. FiBL-Department of Socio-Economic Sciences). The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Angelika Hillbeck (Agroecologist from the Swiss Federal Institute ... Read more

Extinction or Resurrection?

This LASER ZURICH will feature an artist and a scientist who have worked together for over five years, and will present their thoughts on this exciting and controversial topic. Anna-Maria Bauer (Zurich Artist) and Dennis Hansen (Scientist and Project leader of the Zoological Museum) will present the preliminary outcome of an expedition to Rodrigues in ... Read more